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The Dream, Who’s Horton?

Although in actual realization of writing on my blog and looking inward I want to teach, on the global scale, organization of schooling not just for those less fortunate, but why not educate everyone who wants it in high quality (mass) production. Schools have to change and grow every year, but imagine if all I or you had to do for your student to learn was to plug in a VR headset while anywhere and learn the same lesson as if you where in class, you could rewind, re-watch, and re-study as if you or your student had never been absent. having the ability to watch it on your VR as if you are there. This is my dream so that John who works 12-9 everyday and misses every class has the opportunity to succeed. That Susan whos father just died, can keep up and never have to feel alone. I understand that some conditions that this would not actually work but if you have time to study up or find a program like this please inform me.


This is a unique idea and will continue to add, although in actualization I believe something like this must exist with VR application.


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Lesson Plan Outline – Free

I remember being in the end of college career and lesson plans were always an issue , I did not have a lesson plan that fit all my needs and so I created one. As I began talking to my classmates, they needed one so I created a template to keep everyone and myself on track so I am here to help all of us with something that really helped me. If you have something you would like to share, let me know, lets help educate.




Department: Date: Grade:
Common Core Standard/s: Material: SPA:  






Objective: Goal: Essential Question:  







Bell Ringer: Exit Ticket: Timeframe:  
    Bell Ringer:




Exit Ticket:

Direct Instruction: Activity: Teacher Questions:  
Assessment: Reflection: Pros/Cons:  


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My Encounter

Hello all! I went on a wonderful walk and my purrrfect cats Buddha & Bird.

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The Millennial, The What? A Rant.

I have been referred to as a Millennial on many accounts, however, I have never heard the term used in a way of love, a way of professionalism, or as a complement. The term Millennial/s refers to a person or persons born in the 1980s-2000s or the Generation Y. The term used as I have seen means:

The world owes us something.

I do have to admit, as an educator, this is my favorite. No, the world does not owe us anything, the socialization of healthcare, welfare, and disability (for those undeserving) has created this ability to not have to work as hard to get by, for example I’ve met fourth generation disability recipients, this would be a government regulation issue. The age of rapidly developing technology means that no, I do not have to do as much manual labor, or suffer for my money. The rapidly changing world does not fit well with everyone and from my current stand point a changing world scares people and everyone needs someone to blame, this decade it is us. (to fight the fire I just created, I would like to note that I grew up in a very poor part of the country and I worked hard, held three jobs, a family at 18, and completed college. ).

We are a bunch of Liberals.

I do like this one too. I will not defend this issue because using my background in education and looking at the different perspectives, we do seem very liberal to older generations, we approve on things that under reasonable cause make you happy we say do it, you want to be yourself, then do it, same-sex marriage, etc. I do value the opinion of others so I did some digging turns out that on average 84% of millennials’ know how to adequately manage their money and are financial independent. This is true as my brothers and sisters all fall in this category of millennial, we all are successful in relative terms, live comfortably, documented plans to pay off college degrees. No this is not every millennial, however, no one should judge another, now I just sound like a millennial.


Burnin Bayou Potatoes

I stem from Cajun roots on my father’s side, prevalent in my cooking and taste. Today is Burnin Bayou Potatoes in that magical Electric Pressure Cooker, qt.

You need some down home, good deep south behind the back roads cooking this is you supple nectar, potatoes.

Grocery List:

Red Potatoes, I am able to buy by the bag, although, I will only use 6 for this side.

Chili Powder                                                    1x stick of Butter

All Purpose Seasoning (Cavendars)

Bell Pepper                                                         jalapeno

Salt                                                                       Black Pepper

This one is simple set the pressure cooker to Medium, on Pressure Cook. Next put in potatoes a quarter stick of butter, 2 cups of water, 4 diced jalapeno,  1 TableSpoon of Chili Powder, 2 tablespoons of All Purpose, 3 diced Bell Pepper, 1 Teaspoon of Salt and Pepper.

That’s IT! 20 minutes and TADA!!! Hot, Tasty, Potatoes.

Have a better one? Let me Know!